PennRCFMinistry PSA: Prexel Senior Night 2014

Hello Prexel RCF,

The Class of 2015 cordially invites you to join us for senior night this Friday at 7pm. Come for a night of tears, joy, laughter, and even more tears as we bless our seniors!

What: Prexel Senior Night 2014

When: Friday, April 25th at 7pm
Where: Ben Franklin Room, Houston Hall
Dress: Semi-Formal/Business Casual

After Senior Night, we will be having the totally optional but highly anticipated and recommended Post-Senior Night Prexel RCF Tradition —-


What exactly is the Hey Day Challenge? It’s a competition to finish 20 McNuggets and a quarter pounder in the fastest time possible. Underclassmen will be sponsored by seniors and sisters will be able to tag-team with one another. Underclassmen, please let me know if you’re interested in participating or have concerns.

Hope to see you there! Please let me know if you have any questions.

With Love,
Class of 2015


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